Didar Zemestane (winter visit)-3D miniature frame


Model: Didar zemestane (winter visit)

Product code: Dr-Ze-9507

Dimensions: 15*25 cm

A handmade miniature frame as a memory of a delicate winter visit. a great gift for christmas or as a present for your loved ones.

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A Winter visit in a miniature frame:

How does it feel to see a friend, a spouse or an old acquaintance in a winter afternoon? You may want to sit with them in a twosome delicate space and warm up with some tea or hot chocolate. Isn’t that tasty? What colour is your feeling? And there comes the long talk; about past and present, books that you’ve read, your experiences, sharing ideas about different topics, exchanging affections, saying “I love you”s and many more.

As the time passes by and you get more involved in the talk and this intimate space, you will start to forget about the time and space. But still, certain stuff will catch your eye; Floral frames on the wall, White blue nostalgic interior design of the room, the beautiful calm snowy view outside the window which all have created a melancholic aura surrounding you and your companion. And you will not forget this winter visit which was heart-warming. You may want to keep the memory by taking photos, writing in your diary or framing this romantic scenery just like we did.

Our inspiration:

This beautiful tiny frame  with all of its harmonic feelings and miniature details and can perfectly go on your wall at home, your office or your room now. You will remember all about that melancholic winter visit by looking at it. Look at the light blue floral wallpaper, isn’t that sweet? Those elegant little furniture with detailed curves just look so real. The tiny copper pot besides those mini cups gives me goosebumps. And the red and pink flowers which have been framed on the wall of our little frame. They are so romantic. The whole thing feels like a poem.

This miniature frame can be a great Christmas gift, a romantic gift for Valentine’s Day, a present for your loved ones, your teachers or anyone you care about. You can show your feelings of love, intimacy, gratitude and friendship by giving them such artistic gift. This miniature design can be used in combination with other designs like Ava, Christmas or Vasme for decoration. You can also order it as a key hanger by your door.


Width (mm) Length (mm) Depth (mm) Net Weight (gr) – without Package Include Glass Materials (gr) (weight percent)% Color Theme
149 (15 cm) 249 (25 cm) 42.5 439.3 yes Natural wood/MDF 67.5 16.6 Light Brown
Plastic/Resine Frame 170.8 41.9 Light Blue
other elements 26.6 6.5
glass 122.8 30.1
399.2 Fabrics 1 0.2
Metals (Bronze,Copper, etc) 2.8 0.7
Others (paper, pottery, mirror, etc) 15.9 3.9
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